RankScanner for WordPress

Ever wondered if there was an easy way to monitor your positions on Google for your WordPress blog? The RankScanner plugin for WordPress will provide you with real time tracking statistics, directly integrated with your official RankScanner account.

Now you can simply check the latest updates on your SERPs & the popular SEO Audit right inside of your WP admin area.

Just download the desired plugin below to get started!

Different plugins for your need

Are you using WordPress for your website? If so, you will be relieved to hear that RankScanner can be accessed directly within your very own WP admin, simply by using our tailored plugins below.

We listen to our users and also know that it varies a lot which functionality you use the most, which means that all of RankScanner’s functions have been separated into several plugins, to enable you to select whether you want all the ranking tracking features, a thorough SEO review of your WordPress website, automatic mentions and alerts of your brand, or all of the above. Just click on the plugin below to download it – enjoy!

Rank Tracking

Get the SEO rankings of your keywords checked automatically, and see beautiful statistics and history of your keywords’ performance as well as average performance of your entire WordPress blog.

Get the Rank Tracking plugin here

SEO Audit

Request a comprehensive onsite SEO review of your entire website, and see what you are doing wrong in terms of technical aspects, site speed as well as recommendations for content and other important SEO factors.

Get the SEO Audit plugin here

Buzz: Alerts

Monitor specific keywords, brands or your own reputation online with RankScanner Buzz, which automatically alerts you whenever someone on the internet mentions your keywords.

A great way to stay up-to-date with market movements, as you even get detailed dashboard and email reports to keep you on track.

Get the Buzz here

The best SEO performance tool for WordPress

A powerful tool for your blog, which works in the background to provide you with invaluable keyword tracking data statistics that you can use to improve your SEO performance and keep track of the market you are in, by monitoring your website’s competitors.

All you have to do, is to sign up to RankScanner and install the plugin you wish to use. RankScanner takes it from there, and will immediately begin monitoring the keywords you provided for your domain, and keep you updated every time there is any notable change.

A great tool for great bloggers
All bloggers want to reach a broad audience, and need more traffic from Google to do that. RankScanner helps you reach the highest potential on your SEO efforts, and will keep up-to-date on your performance.

No skills required
It’s simple to use, and you don’t need to be an expert on anything else than writing your usual blog posts. All the complex stuff is being taken care of behind the scenes, and reports will be delivered in realtime.

Free and powerful
Get started with your first 5 keywords, and get up to a total of 30 at no cost! Need more? Simply upgrade your domain to get additional keywords and more frequent SERP checks - Used by thousands on professionals!

Knowledge that helps you improve
RankScanner does more than just tracking SERPs. The user interface also enables you to analyze the data and find new ways to improve your SEO, as well as an advanced SEO review for onsite optimisation.