Will video contents become searchable and indexable?

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Google has made yet another acquisition of the video related company, namely Anvato which lines up with their recent activities surrounding video and the cloud. As late as last year, we saw the first public release of YouTube Gaming and the acquisition of Avato is especially interesting because the team at Anvato worked on several technologies all related to editing video on the cloud, video distribution and infrastructure as well as on speechified paper click systems which has further fuelled …

YouTube SEO: Improve SEO of YouTube Videos in 4 Simple Steps

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YouTube, which is the second largest search engine in the world, is a crowded place. 300 hours of new videos being uploaded to the site every minute (according to YouTube in 2014). The bad news is, getting lost in that gigantic sea of videos is easier for your YouTube video than you think, which is why YouTube SEO is so important – and often a much underrated field. The good news is, rising above and getting seen may not be …