Recent title tag and META description changes (lengths increased)

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In recent months, Google has rolled out some fairly large changes in its search results design, by significantly increasing the width of the main search results column. It’s crucial for marketers and SEO professionals to understand these changes, to take full advantage of SEO efforts. Let’s just get right into it. These changes really effect all Google listings now, as the column for organic search results is now 600 pixels, which has changed from 500 pixels. The white space between …

Announcing Mobile Rankings for SEO – Track the Mobile SERPs in Google automatically

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Mobile SERPs

When optimising websites for the search engines, you have to assume that your visitors will be using a variety of devices. As mobile devices continue to get more popular, however, ranking for mobile is now a priority for most webmasters. As of this year, Google now considers mobile-friendliness an essential factor for ranking in mobile browsers. And more often than not, you probably want to rank well for both mobile and desktop. And as of today, RankScanner automatically tracks your …

Anchor Text in backlinks – Does it still matter in SEO?

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Inbound links has since the dawn of Google’s search engine been the single most important factor in determining the authority of a website and page and how relevant it is to the search phrase. Therefore, it has been a neutral cause for Google in the past to utilize and take into account the name of the link. This is also called an anchor text, and is what is between the <a> tags in HTML. However, since it is so easy to put …

RankBrain explained and what it means for SEO

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The vast majority of people who use Google every day aren’t aware that behind Google search engine, there is an immensely complex algorithm, or several of them. What exactly is behind all this magic? Google has named it RankBrain. It was confirmed the 26th of October of 2015, and apparently, RankBrain is the name of the machine that helps Google and people find exactly what they’re looking for. RankBrain is a ranking algorithm that determines which positions and which rankings …

10 WordPress Themes that Impress Google With Good SEO

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SEO WordPress Themes

When it comes to creating a name for yourself online, having a good search ranking on Google is perhaps the most important aspect of your online marketing. No matter how great your blog may be, if it is not on the first page of Google for your preferred keywords, you may as well not even be on the Internet at all. And if you are not even aware of your performance on Google yet, it is about time you start to realise …

Why EVERY website needs to keep track of SERP Rankings

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If you have a website, it’s important to keep track of Google rankings, also known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While many things have changed in the world of online marketing and search engine optimization, Google is still the world’s largest search engine. This means that a high percentage of people looking for a certain topic, or a certain type of business, will be using Google to find it. Your search engine ranking has a huge impact on the …

Why Website Loading Speed Matters (And How You Can Fix It)

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A hard fact of doing business online is that a slow-loading website is going to lose you a lot of customers, which is why website load time has become an essential part of onsite search engine optimisation. With the proliferation of high bandwidth and fast WiFi nearly everywhere, instant gratification is the order of the day and customers have come to expect that a page will take no more than a maximum of three seconds or so to load. Any …

Can Your Website Handle the Mobilegeddon?

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April 21 saw Google launch a new, aggressively mobile-friendly search algorithm designed to reward websites that are, well, mobile-friendly. The update, popularly dubbed Mobilegeddon, improves web experience for the growing family of global mobile users by – (1) boosting pages that are easier to view and navigate on the relatively smaller screens of smartphones, and (2) downgrading pages that leave visitors sore with poor mobile visibility and navigation. Since its roll out the update has already hurt some key players …

Website Optimization Practices for SEO

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Today, content marketing is the in-thing. But, good content alone will not help you reach the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). What you also need to do is design your site properly to appeal to both users and search engines. Below are some tips to help you out: • Keywords are Important: Even though keyword stuffing will no longer help your website optimization (and may, in fact, adversely affect your site rankings), keywords are not something to be neglected. You …

Five Essential SEO Techniques for Webmasters

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Even while search engines are becoming smarter every day, it is important for a website to be easy for both users and search engines to understand. Search engine optimization helps the search engine to understand what each web page is about and how helpful it may be for the users. Here are some essential tips for employing well known SEO techniques effectively: Optimization of title tags Each and every page of your website must have a title tag, even if …