Announcing Mobile Rankings for SEO – Track the Mobile SERPs in Google automatically

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Mobile SERPs

When optimising websites for the search engines, you have to assume that your visitors will be using a variety of devices. As mobile devices continue to get more popular, however, ranking for mobile is now a priority for most webmasters. As of this year, Google now considers mobile-friendliness an essential factor for ranking in mobile browsers. And more often than not, you probably want to rank well for both mobile and desktop. And as of today, RankScanner automatically tracks your …

Is Google moving towards ignoring backlinks?

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Ever since Search Engine Optimization came along, backlinks have been a highly important factor in Google Search algorithms. In this video we’ll go through the different aspects of it. We’ll see what Google has to say about it and we’ll try to find out whether backlink actually has a role in the future or if it will be faded out over time. In order to come up with a suitable answer, it is important to also know why it is …

Anchor Text in backlinks – Does it still matter in SEO?

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Inbound links has since the dawn of Google’s search engine been the single most important factor in determining the authority of a website and page and how relevant it is to the search phrase. Therefore, it has been a neutral cause for Google in the past to utilize and take into account the name of the link. This is also called an anchor text, and is what is between the <a> tags in HTML. However, since it is so easy to put …

The Advanced Guide to Link building and How To Acquire Quality Backlinks that Boost SEO Rankings

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Link Building – What Is It? Link building is a term describing the actions used to increase the number and quality of inbound links to a particular webpage. This tactic is important to ensure high rankings in search engines and is a proven marketing technique to increase brand awareness. There are several link types that are used in link building a webpage: editorial links, resource links, acquired links and reciprocal links. Editorial Links Editorial links are those links that are …

12 Easy Methods to Get Natural Backlinks to Your Site or Blog

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Link building and Offpage SEO

How important are natural backlinks in boosting your search engine ranking results? According to Google’s own Matt Cutts and practically everyone else, these links are quite simply essential. These are the links you won’t ever be able to get enough of, if you are passionate about increasing web traffic to your blog or site. In this post, learn how to generate site traffic the old-fashioned way – through building natural links. First, What Is A “Natural” Link? Just to clarify before …

Why EVERY website needs to keep track of SERP Rankings

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If you have a website, it’s important to keep track of Google rankings, also known as Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). While many things have changed in the world of online marketing and search engine optimization, Google is still the world’s largest search engine. This means that a high percentage of people looking for a certain topic, or a certain type of business, will be using Google to find it. Your search engine ranking has a huge impact on the …