Is Hillary Clinton favoured by Google Search over Donald Trump in the US Elections?

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It has been suggested that Google favours Hillary Clinton and manipulates its own search algorithms to provide search suggestions that are much more positively phrased than those of other political figures, namely the other prominent presidential candidate Donald Trump. A few examples of this, which we will analyse later in the video, would be when searching for Hillary Clinton, Google’s autosuggestion engine would recommend searches with a good tone such as education and healthcare while negative results such as racist, …

Is Google moving towards ignoring backlinks?

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Ever since Search Engine Optimization came along, backlinks have been a highly important factor in Google Search algorithms. In this video we’ll go through the different aspects of it. We’ll see what Google has to say about it and we’ll try to find out whether backlink actually has a role in the future or if it will be faded out over time. In order to come up with a suitable answer, it is important to also know why it is …

Top Online Marketing Trends Ready to Dominate the Web

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Digital promotion and marketing over the web has undergone substantial transformation, becoming a progressively important standard to create online brand identity. Fields that rely on communication technologies are rapidly developing these days. Similarly, marketing over the Internet has moved towards some directions and departed from a few, rendering some practices outdated. So what’s new for digital marketing enthusiasts this upcoming year? Content marketing’s popularity hike Content marketing techniques will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming time. Which means that, …