Announcing Mobile Rankings for SEO – Track the Mobile SERPs in Google automatically

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Mobile SERPs

When optimising websites for the search engines, you have to assume that your visitors will be using a variety of devices. As mobile devices continue to get more popular, however, ranking for mobile is now a priority for most webmasters. As of this year, Google now considers mobile-friendliness an essential factor for ranking in mobile browsers. And more often than not, you probably want to rank well for both mobile and desktop. And as of today, RankScanner automatically tracks your …

The 7 Underrated Tips to Improving your Conversion Rate

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A good ‘optimal’ website conversion rate are a constant bugbear for the digital marketeer, that elusive Shangri-La that we all seem to be seeking out, yet never quite reaching. There are however, some ways you can get pretty close to perfect landing pages and websites that deliver results. Here’s how you can get going right away on boosting your conversion rate. 1) Get their attention! (Make your headlines compelling) You need to get your website visitors’ attention from the word …

Guidelines that Help Improve Customer Acquisition Efforts

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Customer acquisition can be defined as the process of persuading a consumer to purchase your goods/services or converting prospects into new customers for your firm. Needless to say, customer acquisition is therefore, one of the most essential techniques to make your business succeed. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your customer acquisition targets: Knowing your target audience It is important for you to identify who your potential customers are, and where you need to reach out for …

Five Tips for Running a Prosperous E-Commerce Business

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The e-commerce marketplace has undergone a substantial shift in the last decade or so. Businesses are no longer regional or limited to geographical borders and can grow huge overnight. In fact, not having any set limit to growth is one of the many beauties of e-commerce marketing. If you wish to convert your brick-and-mortar business to an online branch or looking to open a completely new e-commerce business, there won’t be a better time than now. And even though it …

All you Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion rate optimization or CRO is the process or method of using user feedback and analytical tools to hike your website’s performance. It can be utilized to improve any of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your web pages and is often connected to customer acquisition, number of registrations/business leads and so on. Simply put, conversion rate optimization techniques help you turn your passive visitors into valuable and eligible business leads. Based on the key performance indicators that you are …

Is Your Customer Acquisition Strategy Missing Something?

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No business can exist without customers. The more the customers, the higher the profits will be. Marketing today is mainly focused on customer acquisition to improve the sales and with it the revenues. However, customer acquisition is not an easy task, especially with the modern customer who is sophisticated and choosy. They want more options and better services at lesser price and convincing them of your product’s usability and the company’s credibility is not an easy task. To achieve the …

Customer Acquisition Tips for the Newbie Ecommerce Owner

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Your website is up and looking grand. Your products are top-notch. Your copy is compelling and your social media buttons are unmissable. But sales and subscribers are more of a trickle than a rush. What you need is a solid customer engagement foundation to acquire more customers and referrals. This foundation will help you retain customers as their needs evolve, as you grow and as more competitors enter the fray. Flash Sales and Refer-A-Friend Few things motivate as much as …