Will video contents become searchable and indexable?

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Google has made yet another acquisition of the video related company, namely Anvato which lines up with their recent activities surrounding video and the cloud. As late as last year, we saw the first public release of YouTube Gaming and the acquisition of Avato is especially interesting because the team at Anvato worked on several technologies all related to editing video on the cloud, video distribution and infrastructure as well as on speechified paper click systems which has further fuelled …

Will Google’s new RealTime API take on Twitter for up-to-date news?

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Google recently announced that they are working on a real-time API for their search engine. In this video, I will go through my take on what I think this means to the world of online marketing, SEO, and content discovery. The real-time API is a so-called “push API” allowing content publishers, such as bloggers and news outlets, to push their content directly to Google at the time of publishment, which means that Google will have no delays in discovering the …

Simple Audience Building Through Story Telling & Content Marketing

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If you’re just starting your company or organization, the first strategic step to take is to find and build your audience – yes, this is misunderstood by many startups that mistakenly go directly to setting up SEO or Pay-Pay-Click campaigns, but don’t make the same mistake… identify your ideal audience first! Let’s say you’ve already identified your profitable niche. And you’ve completed your customer profile, describing in detail who your ideal customer is. The next thing to do is to …

Top Online Marketing Trends Ready to Dominate the Web

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Digital promotion and marketing over the web has undergone substantial transformation, becoming a progressively important standard to create online brand identity. Fields that rely on communication technologies are rapidly developing these days. Similarly, marketing over the Internet has moved towards some directions and departed from a few, rendering some practices outdated. So what’s new for digital marketing enthusiasts this upcoming year? Content marketing’s popularity hike Content marketing techniques will continue to gain popularity in the upcoming time. Which means that, …