Will Google’s new RealTime API take on Twitter for up-to-date news?

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Google recently announced that they are working on a real-time API for their search engine. In this video, I will go through my take on what I think this means to the world of online marketing, SEO, and content discovery. The real-time API is a so-called “push API” allowing content publishers, such as bloggers and news outlets, to push their content directly to Google at the time of publishment, which means that Google will have no delays in discovering the content at all. They will, in other words, discover the content immediately, whereas now they are dependent on their crawlers to discover the content themselves.

Google vs Twitter

A real-time API would open up a whole new world both for publishers and for readers. The publishers will be able to get their content out immediately, not having to wait for Google to crawl their sites and their new articles. Readers would gain immediate access to whatever they want to search for in Google search engine. This also positions Google as a direct competitor to Twitter since Twitter has over the years been the go-to platform for getting real-time updates on specific events. Now, when Google release their real-time API, this may be possible even through a simple Google search, which means it will be much easier to find updates on things and events that are happening right now.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that Google will be using the real-time API to alter the algorithm and let it influence the positions and ranking factors in Google’s organic results. However, I would find it deeply interesting if Google went in such a direction because a lot of content is being published with the intent of giving it newsworthy value. I would find it very interesting if Google went in such a direction, as we have seen Google in the past pay extra attention to newsworthy content. The real-time API opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Google to take advantage of the fact that some content is meant to be read today and not tomorrow. However, whether they will do it or not is entirely up to them. I think that this could be an interesting move.

What do you think of the search engine real-time API that Google is launching? Do you think it will have an impact on search engine results, and which direction would you like Google to take with it? Don’t forget to like and subscribe to Rankscanner to get more updates and speculation on online marketing and SEO. Thanks for reading.

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