RankBrain explained and what it means for SEO

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The vast majority of people who use Google every day aren’t aware that behind Google search engine, there is an immensely complex algorithm, or several of them. What exactly is behind all this magic? Google has named it RankBrain. It was confirmed the 26th of October of 2015, and apparently, RankBrain is the name of the machine that helps Google and people find exactly what they’re looking for. RankBrain is a ranking algorithm that determines which positions and which rankings you deserve, depending on all of the ranking factors that Google use, such as links, content, authority, and visitors. According to Google themselves, there are over 200 ranking factors, all of which are implemented into the RankBrain, and will be calculated, processed, and spewed out every time a Google search has been requested.


What makes RankBrain unique and slightly different is that RankBrain incorporates a certain degree of artificial intelligence, which means that it learns the patterns that users use when they search for a phrase in Google. That allows for users to even mistype what they’re searching for, and RankBrain would automatically assume that you meant the right thing, and it will correct your mistake based on what other people have searched for in the past, and what content is relevant at the time. In other words, RankBrain is the name of Google’s machine that learns what is going on in the internet, and processes every single search request. Be advised, though. It is not to be confused with their algorithm itself, which is called the Hummingbird. Hummingbird is the actual algorithm, the mathematics that processes all the data, while RankBrain is the name of the package.

Yes, Hummingbird is the more important mechanic when it comes to actually processing the searches, but RankBrain is the artificial intelligence that helps you find exactly what you’re looking for, even if you mistype a word, mistype a phrase, or if you don’t know the exact term of what you were going for. RankBrain also helps you find things that are relevant, which means that if you search for soccer, but something in particular has happened at the world of soccer, then RankBrain automatically prioritises some of these things because you might not be aware of them, and you know it will be relevant. RankBrain is a package that’s been put onto Hummingbird, which is the overall algorithm to help make searches more accurate, more organic, and much more relevant.

In my opinion, RankBrain is an essential part of the Google search engine, and why it’s become so good at what it does, because it basically finds content that you don’t even know you’re looking for. Do you think RankBrain is a good initiative? Please let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you like the videos, to stay up to date with the latest SEO and online marketing news.

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