Website Optimization Practices for SEO

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Today, content marketing is the in-thing. But, good content alone will not help you reach the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). What you also need to do is design your site properly to appeal to both users and search engines. Below are some tips to help you out: • Keywords are Important: Even though keyword stuffing will no longer help your website optimization (and may, in fact, adversely affect your site rankings), keywords are not something to be neglected. You …

Five Essential SEO Techniques for Webmasters

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Even while search engines are becoming smarter every day, it is important for a website to be easy for both users and search engines to understand. Search engine optimization helps the search engine to understand what each web page is about and how helpful it may be for the users. Here are some essential tips for employing well known SEO techniques effectively: Optimization of title tags Each and every page of your website must have a title tag, even if …

Top e-Commerce Tools to Increase Your Sales

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Plugins and web tools

(Update: Since the publishing of this post, Topsy and Wibiya have both been discontinued. Please see our latest blog posts for other useful marketing tools, or install and activate the official RankScanner plugins to help monitor your SEO performance and competition.) In this world where technological disruptions take place almost every other month, businesses can clearly expect consumers’ demands to change as well, whether noticeable or not. As an e-commerce business, you will be presented with new set of possibilities and challenges …