All The SEO Techniques You Will Ever Need To Know About

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SEO is undoubtedly the most important thing that you will do after you create a website for your business. However, no matter what we have been told about doing SEO and winning the internet, we must know that it is not a magic wand that will miraculously make you the top name in your niche. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process that needs constant change, improvement and a few modulations to keep itself relevant and do something good for the business. Consequently, it needs to be performed consistently and we need to go back to the basics very frequently to check whether our essentials are in sync with the trends or not, and sometimes bite our tungs with patience when it comes to getting quality backlinks and optimising your content and HTML structure correctly, without taking any shortcuts.

If you are getting started with SEO and do not know the ins and outs of this business, don’t worry. We will be discussing about all the techniques that you need to know about in order to become an SEO superhero right away. No matter where you are though, it is vitally important that you stay up to date on how you are doing and how your website is ranking on Google’s organic search results. Gear up and start reading. We are telling you about the techniques that you need to use on your website to get the best results from your SEO. Ready? Let’s get started.

The first techniques to get you started

Basic SEO tips

We are mentioning a few techniques that you must include in your SEO plan. These techniques will create a foundation for you to build an SEO plan on. Remember, when done right, these basic techniques will go a long way with you and you will hardly have to bother about lack of SEO ever again. Let’s see what needs to be done.

Title tags should be optimized

All the title tags in your website should be optimized in order to get better ranking on the web. Remember, each page on the website should have a different title tag. You should remember that your title tag should always be less than or equal to 70 characters. It should include your brand name and unique information about the page as well.  A title tag is always displayed in the search results. Therefore, a short and informative title tag always means that you will be able to get more traffic from SERPs.

META descriptions will bring in more than you thought of

Just like a title tag, every page on your website should also have a Meta description that could be used to bring more credibility to your site. The Meta description should always be between 150 and 160 characters in length. Just like the title tag, it should also include your brand name and a small but unique description of what the page is all about. These Meta descriptions are small snippets or summaries of what the page contains. It must certainly include at least one keyword or target key phrase.

Keyword rich headings

Every page will also include a body text. You need to work in this text to create some valuable SEO for your website. Include H1 and H2 tags on the body text. There should be headings in your page that come with these H2 heading tags. Adding different headings provides a much needed visual relief to your readers as well as the search engines that wish to know what your site is all about.

Add images with ALT tags

If you are planning to add some images to your website, the make sure that you are using them along with ALT tags. Some users stuff their ALT tags into the image which is not really recommend. Use only one or two tags that genuinely define your picture and get going.

Dont forget sitemapsSitemaps are important

Indexing your website to the search engines is really important. Hence, it is essential that you go ahea
d and create a sitemap of your website. This sitemap will help you in finding a better rapport with the search engines. The search spiders find sitemaps really good to work with and you will get an instant advantage of the same. The spiders will index your site faster. Some automated tools will instantly create a sitemap for you. Make use of these tools.

Internal link building between different pages

Ensure that you are building internal links between the pages. Different pieces of content on different pages can be connected with the help of these internal links. You can make a ‘Contact Us’ page on your website and link it with an ‘About Us’ page through simple text links. In this way, the users instantly get what they are looking for.

Keep updating

One of the best ways in which your site will remain SEO friendly is updating it from time to time. An updated website always gets better rankings than the one that was optimized once and left forever. Bring in the most recent information and changes on your website. Moreover, keep evolving your SEO strategy and ensure that you are bringing in only the best of trends your way.

Know what search engines want

You must know what search engines are looking for. Unless you have that on your website, you will likely fail again and again without a clue of what went wrong. In general, a search engine loves great content. The more relevant, original and unique content you have on your website, the better your website will be performing. Hands down! There is nothing that you can do about that.

“The search engines are looking for you. Make sure that you give them something they want.”

However, search engines also look for the user experience of your website and they pay very close attention to your site’s details. They want to know how your site is performing in terms of site speed and how fast it loads, how users interact with your website and much more. This is not all. They also want to check the authority of your website. Hence, ensure that you always pay attention to these details. The search engines are looking for you. Make sure that you give them something good.

Know what search engines do not want

Well, we now know that search engines love original content and good user engagement. However, we must also know what they are not looking for. All search engines hate unnecessary keyword stuffing. Search spiders have small data storage capacity but they are smart enough to know when you are trying to trick them. So don’t overuse any keywords on your page and ensure that you maintain a healthy keyword balance. Apart from this, ensure that the user experience on your website is good. Users should interact with you. Finally, don’t ever opt for purchased links. They are the worst things that you can do for your website. Purchased links often get instantly caught by the spiders and they instantly develop a bad impression of your website. The same information will be transferred to the search engines and they will be discouraging your website from showing up in SERPs.

Send mails Utilize multiple channels

You must make sure that you use different channels to optimize your website. For example, you should be using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc. in order to bring traffic to your website and ensure that the users like your content as well. Apart from this, use offline methods to bring traffic and don’t forget to use email for bringing more eyeballs to your website. Multi-channel optimization always gives better results, especially for ecommerce websites, than single channel optimization, simply because you will get a chance to consistently use your keywords on different platforms to create more impressions. You can optimize different keywords and phrases for different platforms. Moreover, it helps in creating a great brand identity as well.

Be consistent with domain names on different platforms

Using different platforms does not mean that you should be compromising with your domain name. For the best results, the domain/account name should always remain the same. This will help in consolidating all your efforts. Otherwise, the search engines will believe that you are two different entities. Ensure that you are not doing so.

Don’t optimize for just one type of results

Ideally, you should be optimizing your website for different types of results. This will help you in making sure that you create a mobile market, a tablet market, a smartphone market and more. You should be creating different types of content for different platforms. You can create text rich content for one platform and rich media content for the other. Just remember that you have a wide and varied audience and they can be reached almost everywhere. Therefore, spread your wings and start finding new platform to get your message across.

Off-Page SEO is ‘The Thing’


We talked about some good on-page SEO techniques like building the right Meta tags and page descriptions and titles for your website. However, these days, any marketer must know about the off-page SEO techniques as well. These techniques utilize platforms other than your website to build some SEO authority for you. By doing this, you will be making the most out of the online opportunities that you are getting. Are you ready to learn about the best off-page SEO strategy? Learn about them below.

Social networking sites

Always remember that there is nothing better than social networking sites to create a unique brand at this moment. The social networking sites are being accessed by millions of people around the people which also includes your target audience. Therefore, instead of making efforts to bring these users to your website, you should go and be where your users are. Simply go ahead and join these social networking sites and start interacting with your users there.

Join Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Remember, social media is the key to making a great impact online. You can post links from your blog and website here and can also ensure that you always get in touch with different people here. Find influencers and become an influencer yourself. This will help you gain authority on your domain and a lot of inbound traffic can come from social media platforms. Don’t miss it.

Share your content on social networks

Blogs are still relevant

One of the most clichéd advice that every website owner gets is to get a blog where he can consistently share content. Though this advice is ages old, it still works for most of the businesses. Blogging can really turn the tables when it comes to making a great impact on your users. Create a great blog on your website with a greatly SEO optimised theme and give something to your users that they always wanted. This is not all, you should be updating the blog regularly to ensure that the users keep coming back to your website.

Create internal links with blogs, create calls to action and make sure that your users click everywhere on the website. In this way, they will become engaged. No matter how your business model works, you will keep getting more impressions and eyeballs and your revenue will increase. Moreover, the search spiders would also believe that user experience is great on your website. As a result of this, you will be ranking higher. This is a process that will go on and on once you start it.

Infographics, viral videos and more

You might think that viral videos and infographics are merely some new ways to share content with your audience. However, that is not completely true. They can be your best friends when it comes to creating a great and actionable SEO strategy for your website. Add tutorials, videos, infographics, lists etc. to your website. This kind of content can really rock your SEO strategy and give you the kind of results you always wanted. The best thing about them is that they can be used on every platform you use because of which they always give you great results.

Forum MarketingBe active on forums

Though this is also quite an old technique, it can still give great results in niche-specific websites and businesses. Don’t just opt for copy-pasting text from one forum to the other. The new way to do forum marketing is finding a couple or more of great forums and genuinely engaging in all of them. Starting new threads, commenting on old threads etc. is quite commonly known as the best way to get some authority over your niche and finding the right people to work with. Always make sure that you include a link to your website in your signature so that people who follow you can get to know about you.

Submit your website to a directory

Directory submissions are still one of the first things that are done by most of the business owners when they start doing SEO for their website. So make sure that you submit your website to different directories available online. When you submit to a directory, you increase the chances of your business being found online. In this method, it is all about selecting the right niche for your business. General directories work well but there is nothing better than authoritative niche directories. The results may not be immediate, but this is something that you must do in order to get better results online.

Make social bookmarking work for you

Social bookmarking means submitting your sites to Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon and Digg amongst others. These websites give users a chance to submit their webpages to their directories. Basically, you are sharing your content with other people because of which you start getting more views. Good content can drive a lot of traffic your way. Hence, you should make sure that you create some quality content and then share it on these websites. They will always bring some good traffic your way. Keep submitting all the great content you have and keep increasing the number of views on your website. If your business model is based on bringing more eyeballs to your page, then you will certainly love these websites.

Video marketing

The newest entrant is getting very positive reviews from everyone and we are no different. Video marketing is the hottest way of getting more impressions, becoming a more powerful brand and also finding your way in this extensively video-savvy world. You can create explainer videos, tutorials, animated videos etc. to get your point across. Just make sure that these videos are short and very striking. You will be surprised at the huge SEO benefits that such videos could bring your way. Just make sure that these videos are attractive.

Make cool videos for your website

Business reviews and local listings

You should also be focusing on getting a few local listings of your business. This usually depends on the niche of your website. A website that promotes a local business will benefit a lot when it gets a local listing. Business reviews that come because of this listing could be a great way of letting people know that your business is not just great but is also an authority in your niche. Yahoo and Google, both provide local listings. Make use of these tools to become a better online marketer. Remember, local listings can bring in a lot of SEO traffic your way. Moreover, geo-tagging or going local is the best way to make search spiders know that your website needs attention and should be rightfully given it.

These techniques can be used easily by anyone in order to create the perfect SEO strategy for themselves. A good strategy goes a long way. Most of the businesses make a grave mistake by doing some SEO for their website in the beginning and then forgetting that they need to make consistent efforts in order to make their website shine online. This mistake is most commonly made by local businesses making a website to support their business. You should be wary of such problems and ensure that you never fall trap to such issues. Here are some common mistakes that businesses make while doing SEO for their websites.

‘Buying links/likes/favorites’

This is the biggest pitfall that beginners and even seasoned SEO practitioners fall prey to, and note that buying links, likes etc. is much different than pay-per-click advertising, which is perfectly legitimate. Getting a quick fix does not work in the world of search engine optimization. It needs a lot of hard work and you will likely have to spend a few days (and more) in order to get your SEO straight. Getting thousands of likes, mentions and favorites does not work for you.

“Your reach should be organic and so should your backlinks.”

In fact, as the social media websites/forums and other websites are getting more cautious about these purchased likes and links, it is becoming riskier to venture into such a thing. The websites come down very heavily upon users who employ such methods to increase their popularity and often block or ban then. Hence, it will be better to avoid such things.

The only mantra you should be following is- going organic. Your reach should be organic and so should your backlinks. Don’t buy anything online to get some instant SEO advantage as it would not last very long and would bring more penalty than profits.

Not making a ‘real strategy’

When you are doing SEO for your website, you don’t really have to create a huge flow chart of how things will work out one after the other. Instead of this, you should be ensuring that you make a plan that is not only flexible but also solid. Your basics should always remain the same. First, start by following the basics and then keep on including new things in your plan. Move according to the SEO industry and keep learning new things about optimization.

Remember, the virtual world changes sooner than the real world and this is why you should always keep a tab on the latest news, events etc. of the industry as well as your own niche. Check what your competitors are doing and how they are able to make profits. Then apply similar strategies to your business (don’t use the ‘same’ strategy) and see how it can work for you. Be flexible enough to discard what does not work for you anymore and go ahead to adopt new ways and techniques.

We hope that you now know everything you need to know before getting started with SEO for your website. Remember, SEO needs to be done consistently. Do a little every day and you will be creating a long lasting impact on the virtual world.

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      Hi Toko, well… it is a very common question, and I would say “don’t bother”. In some cases you may even get a penalty from Google, if link directories is your site’s only source of links, and if it isn’t, it probably means that you have quite a natural link wheel anyway, and in such as case link directories won’t matter at all. So in our opinion it is much better for your site if you focus on building quality backlinks through guest posting, blogger reach outs, PR and community participation.

    1. Post

      Glad you liked it Nikolay and that you found the article useful. Should you come across anything missing in it anyways, we would love to add it to the benefit of future readers. Have a great day! 🙂

  1. I just want to add that you should optimize not only an image’s alt tags, but the file name itself as well. I’ve found this has a huge effect not only on the SEO of the page it’s on, but on “image SEO” of the image itself meaning how it ranks in Google (and probably Bing) image searches. I know image traffic isn’t all that valuable, but hey, it can’t hurt, right? 😉

    1. Post

      Hi Fred, great point. The file name could be optimised as well to increase the relevancy value you get from images. Some sites may see a big impact when doing this, but it still depends on how well the individual site has been optimised for search engines, and how “bad” the filenames, alt-tags and content is. If everything is already well optimised, changing the images file names may not result any significant changes, though marginal improvement is still good.

  2. Rune this is a lovely article and one that I would definitely recommend to even the SEO expert who sometimes needs a re-fresh! SEO is a process and this article aids in explaining that, that’s what I love about it! Once again great read!

  3. one of the best content what I’ve found and that has a huge effect. I am really thankful to you for your SEO technique and all the SEO techniques you ever need to know. Thanks a lot for sharing this content with us.

  4. good article. still i dont know how to do with my adult site, i have non adult site and it’s indexing well with google and other search engines.Most social network doesnt allow adult content 🙁

    1. Post

      Hi Archa,

      I’ll try to give my best answer below. 🙂

      Adult sites are typically really difficult to do SEO for, mainly because – as you say – most sites and social networks are cautious of allowing any adult related content on their websites. When creating any type of backlink you also send a strong signal, and that signal can be quite negative if you want to place a backlink on a website that does not in any way want to be affiliated with a site about porn, especially if that website is not even mentioning any adult related content on their website.

      In other words, you should always strive to create relevant links, and it doesn’t really matter if you are advertising porn or cars on your website, it’s still considered an irrelevant reference in Google’s eyes in regards to SEO, if the website you want a backlink from is about online marketing or baby toys. While the “subject of cars” might not get your link blocked immediately, an adult-related subject is much more likely to be blocked, because it can scare visitors off due to the sensitivity of the topic.

      So yes, it is really hard to get good links for adult related content, but the first thing you need to get right is where to look for the links, and it has to be in places where adult content is not frowned upon, such as forums, blogs and news-articles about the subject.

      I hope this answered your question. 🙂

  5. I think that on page and off page seo is my biggest strength and if you want to improve your blog ranking in Google then surely you must focus on this along with quality content.

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