Our reason for being

To deliver the best and most affordable SERP tracking product in the industry, suitable for startups to enterprises.


About RankScanner

Despite the rise of social media, the SEO industry has maintained its dominance and importance in marketing and customer acquisition. But only half of the job is to market your products and websites, the other half is keeping track of what marketing initiatives work and which does not, which can be a a very time consuming task when you would rather spend your time deploying more marketing and providing your customers with great service.

RankScanner was built by SEO experts that struggled with this very process, and has been tailed to make it an easy and even enjoyable experience, as everything related to tracking your SEO performance on Google will be done automatically and reported back to you with numbers and graphs that are easy to understand. It is a product we want every website owner – who is interested in ranking high on Google – to use, and to help us improve.



Upcoming goodies
We are currently working on some extremely exciting updates for RankScanner - Stay tuned!
2016, July - Track mobile rankings
One of the most requested features have finally been added to RankScanner... and without any extra cost, as RankScanner automatically tracks your entire library of keywords both on mobile phones as well as in desktop browsers. You can easily compare your Google positions on each device with a simple click - it has never been easier to keep track of your SERP rankings on multiple devices simultaneously!
2016, April - Buzz for WordPress
The instantly popular Buzz feature now has its very own standalone plugin for WordPress, as per requested by our users. It features all the functionality from the RankScanner dashboard, and have no compromises in terms of speed and usability.
2016, March - New feature: Buzz
Get alerts & mentions with the all new RankScanner Buzz, which will monitor any keywords you like (such as your brand, website or even your competitor's name) and alert you immediately once the web has discovered a mention of one of these specified keywords.
2016, January - Introducing redundancy checks
Through some dedicated optimisation and hard work, RankScanner now features redundancy checks, a functionality that sets the product apart and drastically improves the accuracy of ranking checks, as smart algorithms are now able to sniff out strange or unusual changes in the positions, and immediately checks them again several times through different configurations, to make sure the change is accurate - and if not, correct it accordingly.
2015, June - WordPress plugins released
RankScanner is finally available for WordPress! The functionality is separated into two unique and powerful plugins, that give WordPress bloggers the unaltered and full feature pack of both rank tracking and website review with SEO Audit.
2015, May - Launched version 2.0
The second version of RankScanner was released with new features and pricing plans, such as collective sharing of domains, updated graphs, more “free keywords” opportunities and an entirely new platinum plan with daily reports and up to 1,000 keywords per domain.
2015, February - Work on first major upgrade begun
As the full release of RankScanner has kicked of, it was time to collect as much user feedback as possible. And even though the first wave of users loved to use the product, we quickly realised that there were many improvements that could be made. The engine was working flawlessly, and now it was time to work on the user experience to attract a wider audience. Therefore our developers got busy working on some major user interface improvements, and the rest of the team would be revising the pricing plans to make them simpler and less complex.
2014, December - Full release
BETA closed down for a day as we prepared to take RankScanner out of BETA status and proclaim the “full release” around Christmas. The full release featured some updates to the user interface as well as many essential stability improvements.
2014, August - BETA open to the public
Big applause when we finally opened up the RankScanner BETA for the public. It was a dream that had come true, and the SEO community was now able to benefit from our work and start using the product and sharing it with their friends and colleagues. A huge milestone for us, even though we naturally got even busier than we have ever been before.
2014, February - Closed BETA released
After some polishing and final touches to the interface, RankScanner opened up for the first closed BETA test, being featured on Product Hunt and BetaList. Due to higher initial demand than perhaps our company size should have justified, we couldn’t open up for everyone interested. However, the feedback we got from this testing wave was absolutely invaluable and helped shape the product as it is today.
2013, October - First stage of testing
A selected few groups of SEO companies were given access to help test the essential bits of RankScanner, which at this point was able to track almost 500,000 keywords per month without trouble.
2013, June - Work started on RankScanner
Some SEO gurus got together to work out how to track their customers’ keywords on Google in a more efficient way than “manual tracking” in Excel sheets. They quickly began working on a piece of software that should be able to automatise the process.

Mission statement

We track our customers’ (and their clients’) search terms on Google. We care about the ever growing SEO community and aim to improve the efficiency and provide automation of otherwise time consuming tasks related to SERP tracking.

In order to provide an incredible and outstanding service for our users and serve the best interests of SEO marketeers and website owners around the world, the team behind RankScanner has to stay healthy and talented. To achieve this we listen the community and the feedback we get from our users, to improve our products and SEO tools, and always work on coming up with new ideas that make tracking keywords on Google even smarter and more effortless.

We take responsibility for the quality of our product and constantly work towards a healthy and happy customer base. We want to see the SEO community grow, and will always try to do our upmost to provide as much value as possible to website owners who benefit from Google traffic.